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Sustainable Resource Management Welcome to the Sustainable Resource Management website. We can help you find the best sustainable energy supplier for your office, with an array of recommended suppliers of cutting edge technologies for the commercial industry such as PV solar power. We can also help you find out all the tips for making your office more energy efficient through insulation techniques and proper waste management. If there is anything that you would like to know more about but that we have not covered, please contact our sustainable resource management team.

Stewarding the Earth and its Natural Resources

Here at the Sustainable Resource Management website we are committed to promoting a new mindset of personal responsibility towards the Earth and its resources.

There are still a large number of people who see no realistic need to push Sustainable Resource Management criteria into the front line of energy policy. In the light of concerns about global warming due to human creation of the greenhouse effect, there is clearly a growing need to address energy needs on a sustainable basis, and soon.

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Effective implementation of energy efficiency is good management...

• Planning and organising
• Monitoring and Control
Choosing new lights for your room
• Reporting and Review

• Planning and organising
• Monitoring and control
• People
• Reporting and review

This website has nothing to do with the Stewarding the Earth’s Resources website.


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